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Professor Pumla Dineo Gqola: Feminist Rogue

‘While there are many feminist strands, which is to say different kinds of feminism, there are also many core principles. The commitment to actively oppose and end patriarchy is one. The recognition that patriarchy works like other systems of oppression, like racism and capitalism, to value some people and brutalise others is another area of […]


Dr Ainehi Edoro-Glines: Brittle Paper

African literature is changing’ – Brittle Paper Brittle Paper is your go-to site for African writing and literary culture. Brittle Paper brings you all the latest news and juicy updates on publications, authors, events, prizes, and lifestyle. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@brittlepaper) and sign up for our “I love African Literature” newsletter. Brittle […]

Nicole Dennis-Benn: Patsy

“Just two years shy of thirty, Patsy has nothing to show for it besides the flimsy brown envelope that she uses to shade herself from the white-hot glare of the sun. the envelope contains all her papers — from birth certificate to vaccination records. But most importantly, it carries her dream, a dream every Jamaican […]


QnA with Makanaka Mavengere-Munsaka

Perfect Imperfections, the debut novel by Makanaka Mavengere-Munsaka has been out since mid-August 2019 from BlackBird Books! We caught up with Makanaka about her first offering. In a previous life, you were an accountant. How did you move into writing? Writing was always my first love but I had gone into Accounting because back then that was […]

QnA with Rémy Ngamije

Rémy Ngamije is a Rwandan-born Namibian novelist, short story writer, essayist, columnist, and photographer. His debut novel “The Eternal Audience Of One” is available from Blackbird Books and Amazon. He also writes for, a writing collective based in South Africa. He is the editor-in-chief of Namibia’s first literary magazine: Doek! His short stories have […]

QnA with Siphiwe Gloria Ndlovu

The 2019 winners of the annual Sunday Times Literary Awards – considered to be the most prestigious literary accolades in the country – have just been announced. The Barry Ronge Fiction Prize was awarded to Siphiwe Ndlovu for her debut novel, The Theory of Flight (Penguin Fiction), while Terry Kurgan received the Alan Paton Award […]

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Befitting. Your work on @CheekyNatives is very much embedded in the politics of intersectionalism. And having the episode featuring the person who coined the term being the most listened to, is “written in the stars” -esque 😊😊😊

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