Angela Makholwa: Critical But, Stable

Angela Makholwa - Critical But, Stable

Lerato never wanted to join her sister’s stupid social club. All those pretentious people spending hours showing off their wealth. To what end? What was the point of it all? She’d been disappointed that her husband had fallen for Solomzi’s charms and finally acceded to the invitation to join the group.”

In her latest novel chronicling the lives of four couples, Makholwa reveals the price of ‘perfect’. In a social media world obsessed with love lives here and Black love, Makholwa challenges readers to look beyond the veneer.

These very successful women who form the backbone of this story are each battling their own demons in their marriages and even work life.

The discovery of the body of unidentified woman in the beginning of the book is the source of much mystery and tension.

Exploring the themes of financial crisis, toxic relationships, religion and sexual frustration, critical but. stable is a feat.

Makholwa calls on us to rethink what capitalism means for Black love and existence.