Cheeky Rates

The Cheeky Natives – a doctor and lawyer – is a dynamic duo that runs an informative and

critical literary podcast. The literary podcast focuses primarily on the review, curatorship and

archiving of black literature in South Africa, the rest of Africa and the diaspora.


• Live podcast recording

• Book launches

• Moderating panel discussion

• Written interviews with authors about their books

• Optional advertising banner on website

• Optional editorial on website about book or author before book launch

• Marketing opportunities

o Website – through google ads

o Facebook and instagram advertising

o Social media exposure through The Cheeky Natives’ facebook, instagram and

twitter accounts.

(5522 followers and likes – 270 000+ impressions per month)

o Social media exposure through our team’s personal accounts.

(14423 combined followers – 900 000+ impressions combined)


Live Podcast recording event R 2000

Podcast recording R1000

Book launch (without podcast) R 1500

Panel moderator R 1000 per Cheeky Native

Website advertising R 250

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