Dr Danai Mupotsa: Feminist Researcher

Dr Danai Mupotsa - Feminist Researcher

Dr Danai Mupotsa is a lecturer in the field of African Literature. As a scholar and a writer she is committed to feminist, queer and anti-racist praxis. At the time of the recording of the podcast, the final touches were being put to Danai’s first collection of poetry titled ‘feeling and ugly.’ Dr Alma-Nalisha Cele sat down with the quietly brilliant Dr Danai Mupotsa to discuss the practical application of her politics in both academic and lived practices as both a writer and academic. The conversation touched on motherhood and the interesting ways it has changed her feminism in both lighthearted and poignant ways that may resonate with many of our listeners.

Of course, the interview would be incomplete if the literary influences of this scholar of African literature were not explored. There are entire reading lists for young Black readers contained in this podcast.
At the time of release, Dr Danai Mupotsa’s collection of poetry had just launched to great acclaim. This podcast in many ways serves as a great prologue to her work, a recommendation of the highest order.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for” – June Jordan

The works of Danai Mupotsa are proof of just that.