Ebony Stewart: Home.Girl.Hood

Ebony Stewart - Home.Girl.Hood

‘This poem is about joy.
 how long it stayed
how we remember it
in us
always’ – Ebony Stewart

These words are the last lines from a poem titled ‘This poem is a joy’ by the prodigious Ebony Stewart.

Ebony was named Champion of the Women of the World Poetry Slam 2017 for her exceptionally crafted poem ‘Common Fatigue’.

She has recently published her first book titled ‘Home. Girl. Hood’ – which is a book that includes poems like ‘This poem is about Joy’, ‘Happy Father’s Day’, ‘Compassionate Fatigue’ and many others.

In this episode of the podcast, Letlhogonolo sat down and spoke to Ebony about her breathtakingly amazing work,absent fathers, trauma, relationships with mothers and feminism.

It is a conversation filled with authenticity about the complexity of human interaction complemented by poetry performed by Ebony.