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QnA with Siphiwe Gloria Ndlovu

The 2019 winners of the annual Sunday Times Literary Awards – considered to be the most prestigious literary accolades in the country – have just been announced. The Barry Ronge Fiction Prize was awarded to Siphiwe Ndlovu for her debut novel, The Theory of Flight (Penguin Fiction), while Terry Kurgan received the Alan Paton Award […]

Vanessa Govender: Beaten but not Broken

“This is my story. This happened to me. Who he is, is irrelevant. He could be the boy next door, a street sweeper or your son – he could be anyone. I refuse to make this story about him or who he is. He is no different from any abusive man. His name is irrelevant. […]

QnA with Darnell Lamont Walker

1. Why did you become a filmmaker? I’ve always been a writer of all things creative. As a kid, I started with short stories, then poetry, then stage plays, and once I found myself in Hollywood, the natural thing became television and film. Looking back, becoming a filmmaker was always a dream, but being from […]

Desiree-Anne Martin: We Don’t Talk About it Ever

‘But I am done with deceit. Lies no longer hold any allure for me. Now I seek true words that will, somehow, begin to heal that which has broken.’ – Desiree – Anne Martin (@believe_deeply). ‘We Don’t Talk About It. Ever’ is Desiree-Anne Martin’s powerful, harrowing, and poignant portrayal of her journey from an addict […]

Sisonke Msimang: The Resurrection of Winnie Mandela

‘With razor-sharp insight, Msimang writes in a reflective tone that contains both heartbreak and humour, as she navigates some often-overlooked complexities surrounding race, womanhood and class.’ – Cher Tan, Books and Publishing Just some of the words that come to mind when thinking of Sisonke Msimang’s second book ‘The Resurrection of Winnie Mandela’ Written in […]

Landa Mabenge: Becoming Him: a Trans Memoir of Triumph

‘But humility is a work of progress and there are times when I need to work on practising tolerance. Whenever individuals question my ‘genitals’ I am reminded of how blinkered and obsessed with labels we humans are. Whatever lies between my legs, whether I sit or stand when I pee, my genitals are what they […]

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