Koleka Putuma: Collective Amnesia

Koleka Putuma - Collective Amnesia

‘Being black, woman and alive is a metaphysical dilemma, I haven’t quite conquered yet’ -Ntozake Shange is quoted as saying.

And so as The Cheeky Natives, we sat with the prodigious Koleka Putuma as we discussed the metaphysical dilemmas of being black and woman and alive in the era of melanin magic.

We were honoured by the presence of black girl slay from Vuyelwa Maluleke to Koleka Putuma and the brilliant audience.

Join us for an hour long discussion with the author of ‘Collective Amnesia’ interspersed with poignant, moving performances from the book that is resonating with audiences countrywide.
As a debut anthology, Collective Amnesia has not only been reprinted but is now recommended reading for students in University’s across the country.
What a special privilege to have sat with a writer for the ages.

“Storytelling – how my people remember. How my people archive. How we inherit the world. ” – Koleka Putuma (Collective Amnesia)