Mohale Mashigo: Intruders

Mohale Mashigo

“A collection of stories about nobodies who discover that they matter.” This is how Mohale Mashigo described her latest offering, Intruders, in one newspaper interview.

While this is true, Intruders is also an ode to the stories that coloured many of our childhoods, like the Veras we were all warned about as children late at night.

Mohale has rejected the label of Afrofuturism and aptly demonstrated why not only in these 12 brilliant short stories but also in the recording of this podcast. These stories are powerful with so much suspense created that even on social media there have been persistent calls for the standalone version of a few of them. (We see Y’all).

The short story as a gesture is often not applauded for the dexterity and technical skill that is actually required but throughout this book, we see an apt demonstration of this. There’s a resurgent interest in the art of the short story and the Intruders is one such example.

Following the incredible success of The Yearning, readers everywhere have been hounding Mohale for a second book, true to form. She didn’t disappoint. The Intruders is the sophomore book we deserved.

Brave, rooted both in the past and present and gives such a glimpse of the future, it is a commentary on the ills which plague society as it holds a mirror through the urban legends we’ve accumulated but seen through new eyes.

The Cheeky Natives sat down with Mohale Mashigo to discuss her latest book in a live podcast that is both serious and thought-provoking while equally humorous and joyful.

There was an air of nostalgia as Mohale took us back to our childhoods in ways we’d previously not thought of. This discussion was one for the ages.