Sue Nyathi: A Family Affair


Meet the Mafus, a close-knit, traditional family with three daughters. As leaders of their church, The Kingdom of God, Pastor Abraham and his wife Phumla are guiding the community of Bulawayo in faith, while trying to keep the different branches of their family intact.’

Although, the podcast was recorded a year ago, we are cheekily release it now because the paperback edition of A Family Affair is out.

In this conversation, Sue Nyathi explores the journeys of family. What does is it mean to be family in a time of tumultuous changes, challenges and complications.

We explore the different personalities of the members of this family, Xoliswa in all her feistiness, Zandile and her marital bliss always complicated by Yandisa who considered is the ‘black sheep’ of the family.

There are interesting, painful and heartbreaking moments as we explore what happens to women when life happens.

So much of the conversation is centred around what it means to hold space for family when you don’t approve of each other’s choices.

Sue challenges the reader as we navigate the difficult themes of grief, loss and Gender-Based Violence. We spoke to these themes and more.

This was a powerful conversation between the Cheeky Natives and Sue Nyathi.

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