Upile Chisala: Soft Magic and Nectar

Upile Chisala - Soft Magic and Nectar

‘A dose of nectar’ with Upile Chisala.

So begins a conversation that can only be described as a black girl communion of spirit and ideas. Dr Alma-Nalisha Cele sat down with the ineffable Upile Chisala, author of two anthologies of poetry to discuss her role in the archiving of black womxn’s stories.

After her second sold out performance in South Africa, the Cheeky Natives had the special honor of recording a podcast with this phenom.

Upile rose to fame with her powerful poetry on social media, later self publishing her ode to melanin in all its tenderness ‘Soft magic.’

Her second anthology is ‘Nectar’. A celebration of becoming and all the learning accompanying it. In this podcast, we listen to Upile delve into matters of the heart, mind and literature.