In the latest episode of the Cheeky Natives, Dr Alma-Nalisha Cele sat with the incomparable Zukiswa Wanner to discuss books, life and almost everything in between. Over the course of an afternoon, there was a wealth of mics dropped and wisdom shared.

In this hilarious and heartwarming episode with Zukiswa Wanner who is a daughter of the soil in the most true sense of the word. Zambian born to South African and Zimbabwean parents and now living in Kenya where she is a writer and full time slayer.

At the time of the podcast, Zukiswa was celebrating a 12 years since the publishing of her highly acclaimed first novel, ‘The Madams’ which was a game changer at the time. With the release of her latest work ‘Hardly Working’, a travel memoir of sorts, she continues to redefine the boundaries.

A visionary, ahead of the time. It was an absolute delight to host the ineffable Zukiswa Wanner on the latest episode of the Cheeky Natives.